Episode 1, Page 7: And Away We Go…

Episode 1, Page 7: And Away We Go…

That’s really a great, succinct way of describing this update, because this is where the fun really begins. The mystery will be revealed next Monday when the first world our interpid explorers will inhabit will be introduced! It is with the blessing of the creators that we took on this challenge and were granted free reign of all the characters and settings contained therein and it has been an absolute joy and honor to take them for a spin!

The next stripĀ  (Episode 8, for those counting) represents the fun and excitement we hoped to stir up with this project and we hope you’ll agree that universe-hoppin’ in the wide world of webcomics is a great way to spend your Mondays! So be here next Monday when a hiatused strip is temporarily resurrected, courtesy of Digital Strips Adventures!

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