Episode 1, Page 6: Trigger Happy

Episode 1, Page 6: Trigger Happy

Color! Glorious color! Sure, the strip has been full-color from the get-go, but this is the strip where things really start to pop. Brilliant dark ochres! Magnificent… light-oranges! It’s a veritable feast for the eyes!

After working in that drab, gray-and-black boardroom setting for a few strips, it was a bounty from God to plan and color a new, more colorful room for our heroes to occupy. And hey! Hey! Electricity, right? Raw, unchecked, wild electricity!

Also, while I certainly don’t condone such actions, Midnight’s about to have his head blown off, and I know that makes at least some of you thrilled to the gills. Sickos.

One more strip until we blow the doors off this gig, and if you haven’t guessed who our first contestant is in this epic game, you’re in for a treat!