In the beginning we were comic based around two guys creating a podcast. but this was not always the original idea. Before Zampzon and I ever sat down and spoke into microphones we tried 3 different times to create our very own comic. First we tried doing what we loved and wrote about two guys ran a videogame store. Then we tried writing about what we know and made an office comic about working in software company with consultants. Both made us laugh but in each case we couldn’t get past a couple months worth of strips.

That’s when the podcast hit us. We started the oldest running comic podcast and were hugely successful. Well if were going to spend so much time talking about webcomics why shouldn’t we be creating one of our own? So the DS Comic started as Zampzon and me jumping into a yellow submarine and taking it around INTO each webcomic. We loved the idea but we just couldn’t come up with a reason why we would do something so silly. So we settled but enjoyed our little company based strip with PvP as our inspiration.

Now we’ve gone back and, with Midnight’s help, reimagined our best idea and found the plot that works. Instead of a big machine we’re using science to send our band of adventurers looking through for the grails that will save not just the world, or galaxy, or universe but the entire multiverse. Are those stakes bog enough? On our journey we will jump from comic to comic exploring the world using the same format, plot, and writing of the artists we are honored to read. Whether it is a 3 panel gag strip or an epic graphic novel, you will see our skills put to the test and possibly even affect those special worlds.