Episode 5, Page 12: …Jehovah Starts With An “I”

Episode 5, Page 12: …Jehovah Starts With An “I”

What a fun sequence to draw! I’d make every page a series of traps that have to be creatively avoided if I could work it into the story. The great thing about Finder’s Keepers is existing in a world created by imagination. Anything can happen, from doors opening seemingly out of nowhere to visiting the Library of Congress, and all that you could possibly think of in between. And The Geek has developed quite a crush on Bona based on her… limber avoidance techniques. I’ll be enjoying playing that out as we move forward, you can count on that.

Also, even though I was quite happy with how the style on this page turned out, things will likely be changing with the next arc. Possibly not until after that, but if you’d like to see a peek at the changes in store, head over to my Tumblr page where I’m posting them as they come along!

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