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Blast From The Past

Last night Nate jumped on Skype along with the rest of the DS crew and I realized just how long it was since I’d recorded a podcast. Back in the day we use to record using a program called HotRecorder but that was windows based so I tried to give Audacity a shot. Boy did the cause problems. Ended up wasting 2 hours on trying to create mp3 only to put the project files on a flash drive and take into work to use a windows machine.

That’s in the past and I’m sure you don’t want to hear about my complaining. What really got me thinking was talking to Zampzon again. Realizing I should find a way to put him into the comic. Do I make him some arch villain that’s always making fun of my stutter? Perhaps have the DSA crew visit the old comic in some kind of surreal adventure? It’s also a golden opportunity to revisit some of the pain Zampzon inflicted on my character, if only Jason will oblige when he draws up the comic.

Beyond Neil Gaiman

There are a few artists out there whom I believe to be the best at what they do. Being a writer I’m better able to talk about them then say architecture. For me Douglas Adams represents the style of writing I most wish to emulate. His flagrant mis-use of words came off as almost Shakespearian in it’s originality. But when it comes to story telling it’s Neil Gaiman that has stolen the cake. The worlds he reveals rival Tolkien in their intricacies but surpass them in one key aspect: I want to believe in them. I don’t mean there were a lot of cool new things told. No, I mean I would rather live in his worlds then reality (at least while reading his books). He’s that good.

It was maybe a year after reading Neverwhere that tried to go back to Comedity. That comic has to be one of the great tragedies in our little world but at least the months of hiatus led us to Finder’s Keepers. I practically squealed with delight. Reading through the first 40 pages in about 30 seconds, I knew there had to be some Gaimon influence there. So as a little homage I had to make sure Door appeared somewhere in the FK jump and that’s who we see standing behind Life and opening the door for the team.

Be assured there will be many more Mr. G references through DSA, not just this particular arc. Sit back and enjoy!