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Hello world!

This has been years in the planning but we have finally agreed upon a theme for a Digital Strips Comic. Don’t get me wrong, there have been some gems before now. We started off original story arc of Zampzon and myself producing the show in our homes that ended up with us moving into our studio. The new crew added their own touches always continuing the theme so close to PvP we found it hard not to keep it too ourselves.

Now we have something completely different. Going back to the hay day where Zampzon and I were debating jumping in and out of webcomics using a yellow submarine, we’ve created a whole new spin. This current 5 year mission is to bring the adventures of the DS staff through all the webcomics of the world using the magic of Science Fiction.

What does that mean for our fans? It means you get to see us produce a webcomic that incorporates every other one. When we enter a world we will write an arc that matches in both written and artistic merits. A gag strips gets a gag strip while single panel gets becomes a single panel.

So sit back and relax while we fumble our way through the wonderful world we so loving call webcomics!

This Is a Formal Announcement That Our Next Comic ~WILL BE~ Finder’s Keepers

We’re counting on most of you scratching your heads at the title of our next world to inhabit as it’s a story that has less eyes on it than either Captain Excelsior or Rice Boy did. Our mission statement at Digital Strips is to bring more webcomics to the forefront, bringing those strips that may go unnoticed to at least a few more readers who may propagate them to their friends and so on and so forth. It is in this spirit that we bring our heroes to the dark, mysterious dream world of Finder’s Keepers.

Creator Garth Cameron Graham has done an amazing job of crafting an intricate and beautiful world for his characters and it will be an honor to walk amongst them, if only for a short time. The next arc won’t start for a little while, so why not take this time to read through the archives? When you’ve finished reading the story thus far (another difference from the other strips we’ve featured thus far is that this strip is still ongoing) go have a listen to our thoughts about the comic on the Digital Strips Podcast.

There’s Been A ~SLIGHT~ Change To The Schedule

For the time being, Heiko and I have decided to postpone the Finder’s Keepers arc of DSA. While we decide where to slot in the story we have in mind for those characters, you really should go check out the comic itself, it comes highly recommended by not one, but two Digital Strips staff members.

So what strip will come next in the queue? How about none other than the gag strip goodness of Imagine This? Creator Lucas Turnbloom has put together quite the fun group of characters with his comic about a man-child who refuses to grow up and the childhood toys that help him to fulfill that purpose. The script that Heiko has worked up for this is pitch perfect for both the IT and DSA universes and I can’t wait to get started on the sketches for Clovis, Darin, Dewey, and the whole gang!

Just as before, stop by Digital Strips for our review of Imagine This and read through the archives to get a taste of what’s in store when we invade… Darin’s dad’s house? Oboy…

Welcome To All Legend of Billers!

David Reddick of Legend of Bill was kind enough to drop us a shout-out and so many of you fresh eyes are spying Digital Strips Adventures for the first time! While the most fun of this whole experience is coming from playing in the sandboxes of the best webcomics creators the world has ever seen, there is a story to this whole experiment and it starts here.

If you’re interested in seeing our takes on the greats thus far, click these links to start our stories based on Captain Excelsior by Zach Weiner and Chris Jones and Rice Boy by Evan Dahm (the titles are our takes, the names are their strips which are highly recommended as well).

Thanks again for stopping by and stick around, because our arc featuring the characters of Lucas Turnbloom’s Imagine This begins on Monday!

No New Episode For Week of 09.13.10

Due to time constraints completely beyond my control, there will be no new update for this week. Also, there are big changes in store for DSA, so stay tuned for further announcements and updates!

Indefinite Hiatus

For those 100+ followers out there we managed to earn we have some bad news. I’ve been delaying putting off the inevitable, as you can see with us missing two posts, but we are going to have to put the site on indefinite hiatus. The time has come where Jason’s real life has piled up to the point where he can no longer give the time or provide a quality  comic for you. Therefore he has asked to retire from DSA, leaving the comic without an artist. That leaves me in a spot where I can’t continue the comic until I find another one.

Until further notice Digital Strips Adventures has gone on hiatus. There are years of material still left untold so I will be looking for another artist to pick up the pin. There is even an Edmund Finney script completed and waiting for an artist. So if there are any out there who like what they’ve seen so far or would like to pick up an extra $20 per page with a large potential audience, then send us an email and we’ll take a look at your work.

For those of you concerned over the blog and podcast don’t worry. Steve and Jason are sticking around on the main site. The problem is the 8-12 hours it takes to pin, ink, and color a full page strip, on top of the time for reading comic archives and produce a podcast, that has pushed Jason to back out of this strip.

So that’s a big sorry to the fans we’ve earned and I hope you continue to stand behind Digital Strips.