Episode 2, Page 1: Mephisto’s Boom-Boom Room

Episode 2, Page 1: Mephisto’s Boom-Boom Room

This is it, folks! We’ve reached out to webcomics creators far and wide to ask their blessing in messing around with their characters and many have, surprisingly, consented! And the first to say yes was none other than the comic team of Zach Weiner and Chris Jones!

In December of last year, Weiner and Jones (by far the most effective detective agency I’ve ever heard of) said goodbye to their Digital Strips darling superhero parody strip, Captain Excelsior, and put the sleazy super-man on hiatus. When Heiko conceived this project and allowed me to see the full scope of his vision, my first pick of worlds to visit was that of Captain Excelsior. Both Weiner and Jones worked together to create a world rife with superheroism and gut-busting humor, and their attention to detail makes this world such a joy to play around in.

As such, I’ve done my homework, I’m using the locales, and the people you know and love from the CE universe are all here for Don't mess with Mephisto!one heck of a ride. And the first of these characters to receive some love from Heiko and I is one who was initially introduced but never really fleshed out: Mephisto.

Established as a bad dude with a ladies man ‘tude, the skull-headed lothario saw “action” in a few of the first strips and was never heard from again. Feeling sorry for this short-changing, we took him on and put our heroes front and center on his radar. What happens next is going to change the Captain Excelsior universe FOREVER!

… ok, so probably not, but it is going to be a fun ride with familiar characters, so come back for the second episode next week!