Episode 1, Page 1: At The Most, It’s God-Forsaken
July 6th, 2009

Episode 1, Page 1: At The Most, It’s God-Forsaken

We bring to you the beginning of it all. Before we start jumping around the world of webcomics we have to introduce you to the characters and give some kind of twisted plot, but no big reveals yet. In this first scene every single character appears although we only see the back of Daku and Jerry’s heads. The part I like the best is Jason’s idea to use the MIB chairs.

That brings me to the difference between Jason, me, and our creative process. Maybe one of these days I’ll post the original script but we start off with full on script for a 5 minute-long short. Think of a combination between Clone Wars and Samurai Jack. Genndy Tartakovsky is a hero of ours and everything he does is pretty much the best in cartooning. So we start off with a cartoon and Jason trims it down to the gem you see before you. Twelve, single-spaced script pages becomes eight double-lined comic strips. At least he makes my sci-fi action story into a hilarious comic.

Without giving away too much, our story begins in the bowels of my secret lair. In my normal fantasies I’m a mad scientist with technology decades ahead of the years ahead I already am. The main screen with four smaller screens around it was Jason’s touch but it’s still only a drop in the bucket of what you’re going to see and I’m going to explain every single bit of it. Although Jason does a good job of making everything more mainstream I’ll give all you sci-fi fans a taste of what’s behind everything.


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