This Is a Formal Announcement That Our Next Comic ~WILL BE~ Finder’s Keepers

We’re counting on most of you scratching your heads at the title of our next world to inhabit as it’s a story that has less eyes on it than either Captain Excelsior or Rice Boy did. Our mission statement at Digital Strips is to bring more webcomics to the forefront, bringing those strips that may go unnoticed to at least a few more readers who may propagate them to their friends and so on and so forth. It is in this spirit that we bring our heroes to the dark, mysterious dream world of Finder’s Keepers.

Creator Garth Cameron Graham has done an amazing job of crafting an intricate and beautiful world for his characters and it will be an honor to walk amongst them, if only for a short time. The next arc won’t start for a little while, so why not take this time to read through the archives? When you’ve finished reading the story thus far (another difference from the other strips we’ve featured thus far is that this strip is still ongoing) go have a listen to our thoughts about the comic on the Digital Strips Podcast.