Episode 5, Page 1: When One Door Opens…

Episode 5, Page 1: When One Door Opens…

And here we go! The arc that many of us (namely, Heiko and I) thought would never happen: Finder’s Keepers! This mystical mind-trip of a comic is a stellar production from top to bottom, put together by creator Garth Cameron Graham. You’ll be hearing that name plenty over the next few weeks, but for now, stop by the FK site and read through the chapters thus far to catch up with this unique and rich cast of characters. We won’t be using them all, but that’s not for lack of trying!

We’re actually starting off with a couple of characters that, to my knowledge, have not actually been used by Garth in FK but which exist in that universe nonetheless. Heiko is also taking inspiration from Neil Gaiman and the many trippy works that he has amassed over the years. I’ve always found his stuff to be a little too mindfreaky for my tastes, but Heiko doesn’t share the same trepidations, so… basically, just be ready for some stuff that plays with your mind. But most of all, enjoy our take on the world of Finder’s Keepers and come back next Monday for page 2!

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  1. BiggerJ says:

    I’ve been doing some more thinking about Tarot cards. Even before Midnight’s origin story, I thought about the Cups suit and how it could be applied to DSA. So far, I’ve only been able to get as far as this: Daku currently appears to be the King of Cups – a man of art or law, a kind, warm-hearted guide and helper, a lover of the creative arts and sciences. A man of passion. A man more likely to use cunning than force when angered (we’ve yet to seem him angered, but so far, he doesn’t seem like the type to use force in retaliation – he seems more likely to use his wits).

    I tried looking up the Queen of Cups to see if the robot had any similarities to it, but it seems to be far more similar to the inverted Queen of Cups – a friend who is secretly manipulative.

  2. BiggerJ says:

    Whoa. I just took a look back at Midnight’s origin story, and found that the Queen of Wands is used to represent Midnights discovery of the ocstume… which was left there by the robot. Uncanny.

  3. BiggerJ says:

    Also, the second-last panel makes me SURE that there’s a Tarot card that represents revealed truths. If only I could find it…

    If continued thinking about Tarot metaphors is pointless, feel free to tell me.

  4. Midnight says:

    I’ll leave the mystical and sci-fi story stuff to Heiko, as it still makes my head spin when he tries to explain it to me (draw pictures, make happy) but I know I can speak for him when I say if we had even five more fans like you, we’d be happy as pigs in slop.

    Of course, these pigs are super-intelligent and have access to the Internet, but I think the analogy holds true.

  5. Daku says:

    I see now that I’m going to have to plan out everything to make sure you don’t catch a mistake. I’m just happy I was ready for you this time. The use of Tarot was more of a exploratory fun than a major plot tool. Sort of like exposing our readers to what they really mean instead of all that stuff you see on TV.

    My biggest problem was there were soooo many meanings for each card. Depending on when the Queen is drawn it will mean different things. For instance being drawn after a minor arcana implies a reward for which there will be an emotional attachment. If instead it had been drawn after the Lovers it would imply love of a person being chosen over something else.

    As for anyone being represented by a particular card the only thing that we should carry over would be the Death card has not happened yet. For all purposes everything that happens afterwards is a result of that card. It is kind of all mute though as it was completely rigged by Jerry.

  6. BiggerJ says:

    Ah, typo – when I said Queen of Wands, I meant Queen of Cups.

    I’ll let go of the Tarot stuff now. I can feel my brain unclenching already. Thanks!