Origins: Midnight, Page 9: An Exit… Or An Entrance?

Origins: Midnight, Page 9: An Exit… Or An Entrance?

This is the perfect point to say we can lay all of our cards (thus far) on the table. Midnight is now Midnight, having been given his costume by Jerry, who seems to be conspiring with Daku towards some end that is yet unknown (seriously, Heiko hasn’t even told me what the end is yet). The rest of Midnight’s cohorts will have their stories told in future Origins tales, and while I’d love to see us return to the beginnings of Midnight, I’m not sure there’s much more of a story to tell there.

For now, I hope you enjoyed the funny faces and zany hijinx that accompanied the birth of The Midnight Cartooner and are preparing for the beginning of our next arc, this time taking place in the mythical world of Finder’s Keepers. This world is a place full of magic and amazing things, but the sharp sense of humor that the characters exhibit is probably my favorite detail about the comic. Hope we can add a little something special to that dynamic with this next arc! Come back next Monday to join in the experiment!

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  1. BiggerJ says:

    Wow. You actually depicted the Death card accurately. Death is merely change, as every change is an ending and a beginning.

    Further thoughts: it is The Tower rather than Death that holds the dubious honor of being the ‘most bad’ Tarot card. It is often believed to be an omen of messy upheaval. However, potentially more positively, it is also thought to represent conflicts between reality and what one expects from it. When the fortune teller said ‘all will be destroyed and rebuilt’, she was likely referring to Midnight’s world-view. Although he’s clearly had superhero fantasies, he’s always expected it to be soul-crushingly sucky – a belief that was reinforced by his coworkers and boss. And then the woman in the theater turned out to be a mysterious robot. So perhaps The Tower turned out to be a good omen this time, except… you’ve mentioned that you hope to return to the character’s here (or at least to Midnight’s old boss), and the last time we saw Midnight’s cowoerkers, one of them was coming up with an unpleasant plan. Should Midnight ever return to his home universe, Death and The Tower may yet prove to be very ill omens indeed, for as they say, ‘you can’t go home again’…

  2. Andrei says:

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