Origins: Midnight, Page 8: Someone’s Gotta Do It

Origins: Midnight, Page 8: Someone’s Gotta Do It

I’ve never had to pick up after the patrons of any given movie theater on any given day (let’s say… Thursday), but I have been a patron at many theaters over the years and I know I certainly wouldn’t want to clean up after someone like me, let alone hundreds of someones like me. I’d hate to think how much money is wasted just dropped on the floor of a theater; whole hot dogs, nachos, hot dogs dipped in nachos, then dropped and forgotten, Junior Mints mixed into a hot bag of popcorn, then left to cool and congeal (this was a favorite of an ex, though I never got the appeal of ruining two great things to make one horrifying one).

I hope the various faces of Midnight accurately depict the disgust that this job must entail. I was tempted to make the entire strip a series of faces that would look akin to a game of Guess Who?, but Heiko said something about the story needing to continue.

Writers. Am I right?

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