Episode 5, Page 8: I Think I Get It…

Episode 5, Page 8: I Think I Get It…

Onward they go, making their way through Washington, D.C., which may or may not be the real Washington D.C. Seriously, we’ve wrapped the script for this arc and I still have no idea what’s real and what’s reality. Is anything reality? What is reality? And… I’ve gone cross-eyed.

Regardless of the state of being this setting might lie in, I had a fun time with playing with the backgrounds in this week’s comic, particularly the artistic license I took with both sky and ground in the middle set of panels. I knew it was going to be a walking and talking series, so I figured I’d try a little something different and much more abstract. I’m very interested to hear your thoughts on whether or not this experiment succeeded.

Join us all next week when we explore the Library of Congress! Or do we? I’m confused.

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