Episode 5, Page 7: Looks Just Like The Photographs

Episode 5, Page 7: Looks Just Like The Photographs

Do you like comics that take place entirely in a car? Then this edition of Digital Strips Adventures featuring Finder’s Keepers is for you!

Seriously though, it’s tough to take a scene where two characters talk in a confined space and make it seem interesting and dynamic. This is by no means a stellar example of this idea, but I think it at least steers clear of crushing boredom, meandering more towards lazy displacement. And then, if it doesn’t strike you as intriguing conversation, it all ends at the very real, non-imaginary Washington D.C. Just what is Cardinal playing at? And where could he and Brigid be going together? And is that who I think it is getting out of the cab behind them?

Come back next week for the next episode of Brigid Goes to Washington!

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