Episode 5, Page 6: Smells Like Aged Spirit

Episode 5, Page 6: Smells Like Aged Spirit

As promised… old people! Not as many as I’d hoped, but with so little time and precious real estate to dedicate to getting each page of story told, it seemed silly to cram them into each panel just for the sake of drawing more geriatrics. But mark my words! I will find more opportunities to draw more wrinkled, infirmed, sun-spotted old fellas and ladies in the future!

Oh, and the fake Google Search and Facebook pages were fun to come up with, so don’t be surprised to see more of those in future comics, either! And if you’ve got your Official Digital Strippers: DSA Morning Breakfast Special Card on you, let me punch out a hole, three if you were able to follow the leaps and twists as we maneuvered through this head-spinning page!

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