Episode 4, Page 3: Every Group Has One

Episode 4, Page 3: Every Group Has One

Back when Heiko and I were first putting this comic together, I never thought I might someday have to draw a tea party. After attending countless neighborhood children’s tea parties and watching the playback on the Mad Hatter’s infamous shin-dig multiple times, I think I’ve nailed the atmosphere. Of course, our heroes have undergone tremendous transformations and sitting with some dude, his no-nonsense teddy bear, and adorably vapid dino buddy can’t make for a comfortable situation for anyone.

Add in Stedman’s screeching wail and The Geek and his cohorts must be begging for that cup ride home. Stedman and The Geek, as mutual imaginary friends of Darin’s, have previously established a bond that I would love the chance to expound upon further someday. For now, I’ll just have to settle for Stedman’s cute and cuddly machinations coming up in Thursday’s update!

Come back Thursday to see if the screaming has stopped!

Discussion (2)¬

  1. BiggerJ says:

    Psychic linkage across universes? Not necessarily. There’s an infinite number of universes out there, which means there’s an infinite number of imaginary friends who have real counterparts in alternate universes in which the imaginer is the imaginary friend. Whatever the case, this obviously explains why the Geek belongs enough to not have to transform to match the setting. But if there is no psychic linkage, then this was either a coincidence… or a deliberate choice of destination.

  2. BiggerJ says:

    Hmm… according to a recent Imagine This strip (namely, http://imaginethiscomic.com/?p=1467 ), it looks like other people can see Darin’s imaginary friends like Darin sees them: as walking, talking toys. Thus, it looks like imaginary friends become real in the Imagine This universe. This means that the Geek might still be from Darin’s universe. It still doesn’t explain why they called each other imaginary friends, though. Maybe it’s all about perspective.