Episode 4, Page 2: GO GO GEEK FIGHT HARD NOW!!!

Episode 4, Page 2: GO GO GEEK FIGHT HARD NOW!!!

Now things are gettin’ interesting! Looks like The Geek and Darin have unfinished business from a past encounter. But from when? And where?

I know, of course, what the story behind their relationship is, but all I’ll say now is that Heiko came up with something fairly brilliant to connect the two worlds and it’s going to be a blast revealing it all, strip by strip. Come back Monday for more details into the mysterious duo that is Darin and The Geek! (Ooh, that sounds like a good spin-off title…)

Discussion (5)¬

  1. BiggerJ says:

    There is only one possible explanation for why Darin didn’t transform and why he knows the Geek: this is Darin’s home universe!

  2. Midnight says:

    I’m guessing you’ve gotten Darin and The Geek mixed up, Bigger, either that or I’ve done a horrible job translating Heiko’s script!

    As for your theory that The Geek could possibly have found his home world… that is a VERY interesting hypothesis. You’ll be finding out the true nature of their relationship on Monday, so stay tuned!

  3. BiggerJ says:

    Ah, I did get the names mixed up. I’m only a casual reader, you see, but now that the updates have quickened for now, I’ll visit more often.

    I wonder, why didn’t the team get transformed when they visited Overside, where humans are unheard of? Actually, that’s easily answered: there are so many races on Overside that it isn’t unheard of to meet members of sentient species that neither you nor anyone you have ever met has ever seen or heard of.

    Also, I’ve realized that now that we know that the team will have to transform to fit in in some universe, this series is now like the Kingdom Hearts games in a second way (the first, of course, being the fact that the heroes travel to alternate universes based upon existing works of fiction).

  4. BiggerJ says:

    Oh! I’ve thought of a third similarity: the constant goal. In Kingdom Hearts, the heroes must find and safely lock away the heart of each world, eventually locking the heart of all worlds, the Kingdom Hearts. Digital Strips Adventures, on the other hand, is KINGDOM CUPS.

  5. Daku says:

    I love when getting compared to something as fantastic as Kingdom Hearts. I’ve lost many days to that series and I would lose more if they came out with another. The use of the cups is actually essential to the plot later on, but that will get explained years from now.

    That’s right, we have 5 “years” of story plot to get through and at the rate we’re going it will probably take use 7-10 years of real time. Very exciting.