Episode 4, Page 1: Something Not Quite Right Here…

Episode 4, Page 1: Something Not Quite Right Here…

This is gonna be fun.

Imagine This is a comic strip about a young man named Darin and the imaginary friends that he has made out of his childhood toys. It’s all about imagination and the power that it can have over a person’s life and, as such, it’s going to make writing and drawing these characters a lot of fun.

I may expound further upon some of these points later in the week, but it must be said:

  • Yes, Darin is watching America’s Next Top Model and no, I will not be the first to judge him.
  • As a result of visiting this universe, our heroes have taken on new personas. Bona transported as an action figure, Brigid morphed into a Muppet-like doll, and Midnight…  well, we’ll see what became of Midnight a little later on.

But what about Steve? Why didn’t he change into a children’s plaything? Come back Thursday to get some help solving that mystery! That’s right, while Imagine This is running it’s DSA course, we’re going to twice-a-week updates! Tell your friends!

Discussion (2)¬

  1. Lucas says:

    LOL! Darin is FUGLY!! Nice work!!

  2. Midnight says:

    I’d like to think of him more as… exaggerated. You laid the groundwork, I just made him more introvertedly zany in his appearance. Glad to see it doesn’t disappoint!