Episode 3, Page 13: Must Be A Sweeps Period…

Episode 3, Page 13: Must Be A Sweeps Period…

UPDATE: All those visiting us from Legend of Bill scan down a bit for a blog post meant especially for your eyes!

Thus is ended our heroes’ journey through Overside. If I haven’t done so enough yet, I must thank Evan Dahm for the opportunity to utilize his characters and universe for even a few pages worth of comics. Without his consent and guidance, this wouldn’t have been nearly as special as it ultimately turned out to be. And it should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyways; if you have yet to check out the amazing body of work that Evan is putting together at the Rice Boy website, make today the day you change all that.

So where do we go from here? Well, it seems from the various screens that Daku is monitoring that there are many, many other worlds to explore. Truly, with such a broad spectrum of webcomics out there to mine, the possibilities for this story are nearly limitless. So long as you, the dreamers and the thinkers out there, keep crafting interesting and imaginative places to visit, we will have a place to send our intrepid interlopers. Really wish we knew why Daku is so entranced by cups, though…

Next up, the whimsical and childhood dream that is Imagine This! It’s cartoony, it’s a gag strip, it’s full of character and it’s starting next Monday! In the meanwhile, go bone up on the run that Lucas Turnbloom has put together thus far and check back here throughout the week for an explanation of just who those various faces belong to in that second panel up there. Stay tuned!

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