Episode 4, Page 4: Love, and Smoke, Is In the Air

Episode 4, Page 4: Love, and Smoke, Is In the Air

So many great things happening in this strip; Stedman burning from Bona’s fiery glare, Clovis falling head over heels as a result of her torching his most hated enemy, and Darin and The Geek thrown into a panic. And somehow, that simple shot of Stedman in panel 3 is one of my favorite depictions of recent memory. It’s the little victories after all…

For a while there, it seemed like I’d never get to that panel, as getting Stedman on top of the table proved to be more trying than I first thought. I just assumed that, since he has no bone structure to get in the way, it would be a cakewalk to flop his little paws on the tabletop and yank himself up there. Sketch after sketch, his head was falling off, the table was lopsided, this diminutive little teddy bear somehow gained the build of a linebacker, nothing seemed to work. Finally, I decided to take my own teddy bear and set it on the table to… I mean I grabbed a teddy bear that just happened to be lying around, not belonging to me…

Just come back Monday for more teddy bear goodness… dang it!

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