Origins: Midnight, Page 2: It’s All In The Cards

Origins: Midnight, Page 2: It’s All In The Cards

I’ll be honest: tarot and fortune tellers and the occult, all of it… it scares the bejeezus out of me. I’m not sure why, maybe it was watching Ghost one too many times (the subway scene where Sam receives his ghost training was one of the creepiest things I ever saw as a child, not to mention watching those shadow creatures drag the damned ghosts off to hell), maybe it’s the fact that I feel like performing all of the right incantations and saying all of the right words could actually bring about something horrible, but playing Bloody Mary (Biggie Smalls?) in the mirror with a group of friends is a chance that I just don’t want to take.

The design choice for this page doesn’t seem to be a big enough shift that people won’t be able to follow the flow properly, just something to keep things interesting and stretch my creative muscles a bit more than doing a simple, multi-panel layout would. Hope you enjoy it and that I can produce further surprises (deviations?) down the road! Stay tuned for the continued origin of the one we call Midnight next Monday! Check back throughout the week and I’ll try to get some process stuff up as the next page comes along.

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