Episode 3, Page 7: Now Come Away From The Weird Man With Four Legs

Episode 3, Page 7: Now Come Away From The Weird Man With Four Legs

Another sight-seeing page, which I’m fine with considering how great the sights are. Seriously, if Daku would pay me, I’d draw the entirety of the Rice Boy world (that being Overside) from one coast to the other. I don’t care how long it would take me, it’s that much fun.

What’s great is that, for every sprawling valley and towering mountain, there are several little nooks and crannies that are so detailed and magnificent themselves that setting the stage for this story never gets boring. If nothing else, reiterating on the hallowed ground that Evan Dahm has already sown has taught me that setting cannot be ignored and a convincing, nuanced background is crucial to making people believe these characters exist and thus, should either root for them or hope for their downfall.

Not sure whether or not there will be a Christmas week update (I’ll be without a hi-speed connection or tablet for that entire week) but you can expect at least two more pages on this order before the talkin’ begins again. If I had my way, the rest of this arc would be completely wordless, but Daku insists that I use at least some of his dialogue before we wrap up.

BTW, the links at the top are to the Rice Boy wiki. If you enjoy this world and the stories as much as we at Digital Strips do, then this informational guide is highly recommended.

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