Episode 3, Page 6: Yes, But Did You Get Any Good Pictures?

Episode 3, Page 6: Yes, But Did You Get Any Good Pictures?

When we landed Rice Boy as our second world to visit through the webcomic-dimensional hopper that is Digital Strips Adventures, my mind reeled with the thought of the staggering number of silent pages I would be producing. Don’t let anyone fool you, comics are a visual storytelling medium and it’s just as important to be able to tell a story using only pictures as it is to craft words and phrases with laser-like precision.

For this reason, I was eager to get to work once I saw Daku’s script, which involved many pages, like this one, where no one was saying a word and the scenery and expressions were doing all the talking. Sure, there’s some talkative types inhabiting the melting pot that is Overside, but the joy of this world is just being in it and existing as a part of the whole thing, as corny as that may sound. So hunker down, because there are more pages coming like this one and I hope you’ll join me in just enjoying the moment and possibly thinking further about just what it might be like to see this world first-hand.

Also, if you’re curious as to the reference materials I’m employing, these two links should give you a refresher course on where (and when?) our heroes are.

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