Episode 1, Page 3: I Collect Things

Episode 1, Page 3: I Collect Things

Finally we have a plot. Yes the whole National Treasure thing has been done to death but can you think of something easier to send people around to different worlds? At least I can promise you there’s more to the story then collecting stuff, you’ll just have to to come back and pick up on all the clues as we go along.

So how many different pop references do we put in here? I count at least 3 and I assure you I had a lot more but not all of them made sense when someone else read the script.

BTW, how did I end up behind Brigid? The joy of pacing in comics. Scott McCloud mentions how you have to rely on the readers to make several leaps of faith in the pace. This is just another example where we have to assume you are going to make the logical leap.

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