Episode 2, Page 9: One Strong Drink

Episode 2, Page 9: One Strong Drink

Seemed appropriate to end the first arc on a splash page! It also, seemed easier than trying to fit all that into one panel on the previous page. Take a good look at all those characters because who knows where they’ll be ending up next week.

Actually, where they’ll end up is smack dab in the middle of Acirca, courtesy of Evan Dahm’s Rice Boy! That fantastical, lush, epic world so many have already enjoyed is going to grow by four next Monday when Brigid, Steve, Midnight, and Bona land smack dab in the thick of the Rice Boy story.

But when, in context, will they land? And where? Come back next week to find out and thanks again to Zach Weiner and Chris Jones of Captain Excelsior for making our first arc so memorable! Be sure to read their new comic (along with James Ashby), Snowflakes, and check out Jones’ recently revitalized Byron Pinkleton for some more adult-leaning adventures.

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