Episode 2, Page 7: Teacups ARE Gay

Episode 2, Page 7: Teacups ARE Gay

After a page with nary a Weiner/Jones birthed locale or character, it was high time I got to draw something that originated from the Captain Excelsior world. And man, did the script deliver! You’ve got The Homo-Sexual Intercourse (the premiere gay club in the CE world, or at least, one of), TJ, Ward’s one night stand who he may or may not have had sex with (but totally did), and of course, Ward himself!

As the week wears on, I’ll wrap up last week’s hard-hitting expose on the dangers of drawing cars in comic strips and then post some sketches of the story thus far, including a redesigned, more… rainbow-loving costume for good ol’ straight-laced Ward! Stay tuned!

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