Episode 2, Page 4: Handsome Doesn’t BEGIN To Describe Him

Episode 2, Page 4: Handsome Doesn’t BEGIN To Describe Him

When Daku sent me the first script for the Captain Excelsior arc, the first strip for us to undertake with this project, I was disappointed in the lack of interacting elements with the heroes and villains of the world that Zach Weiner and Chris Jones so lovingly crafted. After all, what’s the point in obtaining unlimited access to insanely entertaining characters if you can’t use them to get to scenes like that in the final panel of today’s strip?

So I respectfully requested a rewrite that would include the Captain himself, and Daku hit one out of the park. Then, it was up to me to create my version of the overweight, overhyped, ego-maniacal superhero. I figured, the shorter the legs and the bigger the gut, the harder it would to take this guy seriously as someone who could possibly save his own life, let alone someone else’s. Also, if that shape were flying towards you, wouldn’t you be more terrified than relieved?

Finally, it wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t return the favor (as insignificant as it may currently be) and pimp out their current projects. You can currently find both Weiner and Jones working with James Ashby on Snowflakes, which Steve (The Geek) and I recently reviewed on the Digital Strips Podcast.

Also, Weiner is still updating the gag-a-day Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, a nerdtastic, bitingly humorous strip that never fails to make the entire Internet comic reading populace ROTF while LTAO. Additionally, SMBC has recently spun-off a video version of the comic insanity, cleverly entitled SMBC Theater.

Click through any of the above links for instant comedy gold as spun by Weiner and his growing cast of cohorts and come back here for more Captain Excelsior next Monday!