Episode 2, Page 3: I’m Super, Thanks For Asking

Episode 2, Page 3: I’m Super, Thanks For Asking

It’s amazing I didn’t rush those first four panels as I was so eager to get to that big, fifth splash panel. It’s rare that I get to include that much detail in one panel so I took my time devising both situations for established characters (there’s at least one in there, look really closely) as well as brand-new characters with which to populate the world of Captain Excelsior.

The sad fact is that I played more with depth and creating a variety of convincing placements for the characters more than I concentrated on wacky, interesting characters. That’s why you get a gay, unitard-wearing super flying a kite. The dude in the yellow obviously did something to earn the ire of the girl in red, but what it might be is anyone’s guess. You can tell by this expression, however, that it’s something he knows he’ll pay for eventually, a fate that looks to be quickly looming.

The orange blur zipping around the town is most likely either a) young and so he (she?) has nothing better to do but flash around randomly or b) hopped up on a great deal of caffeine. Regardless of that character’s motivations, my favorite has to be the tiny speck of a superhero taking on the massive robot that is plaguing the central skyscraper. Can’t tell if he’s just toying with the mechanical monstrosity by pelting it with his heat vision or if he actually thinks it will make a dent, but it’s entertaining nonetheless.

Yeah, I could definitely do with more panels like that.