Fascination with Death

The past couple weeks I’ve been reading the Discworld series and I’m completely hooked. One of the main characters is Death, who walks around as a normal person, if a normal person were seven feet tall, a skeleton, and carrying a scythe. This character is always portrayed best when there is no regard to good or evil. Mephisto is a good example of this archetype in a completely different way. I imagined him as the cruel efficient tyrant that everyone hates but lives with because he made everything else so comfortable.

Death is also one of the agents of order that reigns in the chaos of death. This dycotomy of order vs. chaos is going to be one of the core philosphies we get to explore. Can we we really call Death evil if all it’s doing is preventing our souls from being lost? Eh, really deep stuff for a light-hearted comic but still fun considering how epic our little 5 year mission is going to be.