Location, location, LOCATION

Something I really want to work on with this series is establishing a setting and really making the characters feel like they’re part of the world, that they exist in a real place. Cartoony or not, backgrounds establish both setting and mood. Go back to any Looney Tunes cartoon and check out the setting of any given short. I’ll use the classic, “What’s Opera, Doc?”, as my example.


Sure, these guys were the masters of their craft and few could touch them in terms of quality and entertainment value, but this is what I strive for; to make it realistic, but fun; silly, but grounded; exaggerated, but proportionate. And yes,  you don’t have to tell me, I know I’m far from achieving that goal. But Zach and Chris did such a good job of establishing their surroundings to make the world of Captain Excelsior a substantial character all its own that I feel it’s a disservice to use their creations and not let them exist as they did in their own strip.

Also, for the next strip we’ll be visiting/emulating, setting is not only important, it’s the main character. Can’t wait to start on those pages…