A Wrinkle in Time

Perhaps my favorite book, from my childhood, were the books written by Madeleine L’Engle. Starting with “A Wrinkle in Time” and going through the rest of the series I can recall so many good memories and imagery that most of the books and even webcomics I have read since have been reflections of those books. That’s probably the best compliment I can say of an author and the best I can give is the node in this comic.

Returning to the comic, Jason and I went back and forth so often over this expose that it delayed our schedule by at least a few weeks. What was left I considered so basic and lacking in explanation that I almost refused to move forward but I told myself when the post went up I could write some words below it. What’s missing? There’s the super-computer and the explanation of how intelligence can spawn from nothing. Have to mention all the multiverse vs. altiverse concept of universes. In the end that wasn’t really what was  important and Roddenberry had managed to write without revealing anything at all.

But the whole tesseract thing stayed. I used Harry Potter instead of Mrs. Whatsit but the result is the same. Anyone can do more if they have the knowledge and will-power. Instead of magic though, we’ve put in a super-intelligent computer (not Jerry) that can peer into other dimensions and give us an image of some object completely unique. An object so unique that trying to grab it forces your brain to make the leap and take you to other universe. Solves a huge problem of explaning anything at all…