Welcome… to the Grand Experiment!

Midnight here, and yes, soon you’ll be able to tell just who is saying what! See, this comic has been long in the making over at Digital Strips. Daku has taken some time away from the webcomics scene and in the interim, come up with this neat little story that we thought would make for a perfect backdrop in the next DS comic. Unfortunately, at the time, he was the soul creator on the project, unable to hold a digital pen in his witty writer’s hand without it exploding.

Ok, that last part might be a bit of an oversimplification, but the fact remains: he needed an artist to bring the tale to life. Lo and behold, time opens in my schedule, Daku begs and pleads and whines and pines until I finally agreed to return to the Wacom tablet for another round of webcomicky hijinx. So now, with a decent buffer built up and a few scripts in the can, it is time to take the brakes off this ride and see what she can do.

As you can clearly see, we are utilizing the Comicpress engine to run the whole show. I admit, I sometimes lament the fact that 99.8% of all webcomics use the popular WordPress add-on, but you can’t deny that Tyler Martin (and crew? Not sure who all had a hand in the handy little engine that could) has put together a solid, comic-bearing designer. And as time goes on, I would love nothing more than to add more and more functionality to the site, including making it look almost indistinguishable from the typical Comicpress layout (see Least I Could Do and PvP for good examples of this outside-the-box thinking) and implementing some RSS ideas that could be the most revolutionary thing since Web 2.0. Do you think you’re ready… for Web 2.01b?

I hope so, because this wild ride has started, and it only gets crazier from here on out. Thanks for joining us and leave us a comment on which webcomic world you’d like to see us play around in!