Episode 5, Page 3: Tradin’ Up

Episode 5, Page 3: Tradin’ Up

And lo! A main character appeared! With the appearance of Card, we finally start to feel like we’re in the world of Finder’s Keepers. Sure, I’ve done what I could to inject that mystical wonder and fantasy-based setting that the Wyrd Bazaar represents into this DSA arc, but as I’ve said before, it’s the characters that make FK such a joy of a read and I’m psyched to be drawing Card for the duration of the story.

My wife would like for you to know that the fifth panel kept me from assisting her with any of the yard chores two days before this went up, so… yeah. Now you know. God willing, the next page will take me equally as long. Now, if she only managed to actually read an update or two, she’d know all about this clever ploy and stop it right in its tracks. Until that day comes, however, victory shall be mine!

Discussion (2)¬

  1. Ahmed says:

    Heh. You “drew a Card”. Was that an intentional pun?

  2. Midnight says:

    Regardless of what Heiko says, yes, yes it was.

    Also, if you like puns, you’ll LOVE what we’ve got planned for the next arc. Stay tuned for an update when we near the end of Finder’s Keepers!