Episode 4, Page 16: The Way It Was When We Found It

Episode 4, Page 16: The Way It Was When We Found It

A nice, big splash panel seemed like the perfect way to cap off this zany, wild arc set in the Imagine This world. A special thanks goes out to creator Lucas Turnbloom for offering up his creations so generously and for being an active part of the process. I hope we have stayed true to the characters that he worked so hard to establish and possibly even added a little bit to their individual mythologies.

Up next, we’re trying a little side story idea that Heiko likes to call “Day in the Life”. These stories will delve into the origins and earlier days of our own intrepid explorers, and Midnight is the lucky guinea pig! First things first, though; next week, I’ll be presenting some sketches of Midnight to show his visual progression before we get into just why he is the way he is. Should be fun, so stay tuned for that tale, kicking off on Monday!

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