Episode 4, Page 12: The Re-Imaginings, Part 2

Episode 4, Page 12: The Re-Imaginings, Part 2

It’s a fair question to ask whether or not Truman had all this theoretical punishment coming his way for torturing Dewey with every chance he got. When you consider his torturer is such a dark-hearted sadist like Clovis, it’s really just a matter of who got swatted first. After all, had Clovis been smacked across his nose in a similar fashion, it might be him tied up to mimic a pinata or him having his head smashed by a book. They’re both bad dudes and it was just Truman’s misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Hope you enjoyed these sideways looks at what might have been, and a special thanks to Lucas for doing all the leg work! I could copy people’s work for years and never complain! Back to the regular story on Monday, so stay tuned!

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