Episode 4, Page 9: T-R-U-M-A-N Spells Trouble

Episode 4, Page 9: T-R-U-M-A-N Spells Trouble

Remind me never to fly with Midnight Airways! Man, one little pee stain and the drama queen takes himself and Dewey out of commission. I was sorely tempted to break off a wing to match the half a propeller Midnight is sporting after the crash, but I wasn’t sure if Heiko’s dimension-hopping rules meant that he had to lose an arm when they hopped back to the “real world”. I stuck to the mustache-esque propeller, just to be on the safe side.

I hope my real life allows me the time to post the sketches it took to take Truman from concept to final, frightening character. Hope you like what you see because if he has his way, he’ll be the only one standing when Thursday’s update rolls around. Stay tuned to find out!

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