Episode 4, Page 7: Kinda Had That One Comin’

Episode 4, Page 7: Kinda Had That One Comin’

Keepin’ this one simple but sweet; dude hits on a lady who’s hurtin’ from someone or something else, dude gets smacked down. Of course, Dewey has harbored grudges and even probably had fantasies about doing the very same thing to Clovis, so it’s only natural that witnessing Bona laying the smackdown on him would make her that much more attractive in his big, googly, white eyes.

Hope Darin doesn’t come down with a case of the lovey-dovies for her, or we’re going to have a There’s Something About Mary situation on our hands. Thankfully, I’ve got something else in mind to keep Darin and The Geek busy and you can see it on Thursday if you stay tuned!


  1. Adrian says:

    The first and last time I did a 24hr comic resulted in Strike The Earth. I had so many engrey drinks that I’m surprised I made it home at all I imagine that how I felt be the end of it was like how a humming bird feels all of the time.