Episode 3, Page 9: Let’s Get Physical

Episode 3, Page 9: Let’s Get Physical

Hey, hey, check it out, some ACTION! This is it! The turning point for Digital Strips Adventures! Nothing but non-stop, takedown, all-out action from here on out!

Or not. Truthfully, I love doing scenes like this because it’s incredibly difficult to convey movement and specifically character-to-character action sequences in a static comic book page. I’m far away from being able to do so convincingly, but everything takes practice, right? I can say that the poor prince really never stood a chance in this fight, as Bona appears to have had intense training from Batman himself.

And, as Ed O’Neill recently said on an episode of Modern Family (THE best comedy of the new TV season, bar none), Batman isn’t amazing because he wears a cape, but rather because “he is a muscular genius”.  Time will tell if the same holds true for our mysterious lady mercenary.

No update for next Monday as I’ll be concentrating on enjoying the one week I get to spend with my family back home, but come back January 4th for the beginning of the end of our heroes’ time in Overside!