I should have done this before but we all get so busy with real life we forget. Jason does a great job of taking my scripts and rendering them. It’s so hard for me to be funny, in a non-sarcastic way, that at this point I’ve pretty much let him go with it. Take for example the script for today:

Couple of panels of Midnight in street clothes being pulled around by a girl. The girl sees a sign for tarot reading.
Girl: O-M-G! I’ve always wanted a reading.
Midnight: Oh yeah, me too…
Girl: You’re no fun, please!
The girl gives Midnight a pouting face causing Midnight to roll his eyes.
: Fine, but no crying!
Midnight gets pulled in. Show a panel stretching across the page with the two going in through the doors into an anteroom, a waiting room in the middle, and a third room with an old woman sitting at a table. Bottom of page has the girl sitting at the table all happy.
Old Woman
: My next customer…
Midnight looks confused and the girl has a shocked look on her face.
Old Woman
: but this twit of a girl is his way.

See? I try to be all artistic and stuff and Midnight goes and it makes good. Go figure.