A Few Extra Thoughts ~ON~ Episode 2, Page 7

In a hopefully ongoing feature, I’ll be posting some sketches and/or links to our production blog (also serving as Ward, redesigned, from Captain Excelsiormy own personal sketch blog) that give some insight into the process behind the creation of Digital Strips Adventures.

Webcomics are different and more organic than a simple printed page because they’re alive, they’re changing, and evolving right before our very eyes. Learning the process behind that evolution is extremely exciting to me. Now, whether or not that ends up being the case for this comic remains to be seen, but I figure it’s a possibility and so I’ll post what sketches and thoughts I can.

For this page, it was my task to draw several, CE-familiar elements, including the gayest nightclub this side of The Toolbox, complemented by two proud, gay men, TJ and the Captain’s very own son, Ward!


  1. Cgpme says:

    There is “something” magic about your black and white. I am trying to firuge it out in Photoshop but so far I have not been able to touch your magic.Your black and white looks almost like it is a photo turned into black and white plastic or steel but not soft, pliable, “love-to-touch” flesh and blood. Yet I know it is.I ordered the new Adobe Photoshop CS5 that will come out the last day of June 2010. It has some new features in it that will save me a lot of trouble. One is that if you have anything crossing the front of a picture — telephone pole or line or a flagpole or anything — and you wand to remove it without messing up the picture. There is this tool that leaves a green mark like a pencil or marker would. You simply paint out the thing you want to remove but you don’t have to be very careful and it comes right out and leaves fine strands of hair, for example, perfectly in place and undisturbed.So an electrical power line crossing the face of a pretty guy could be taken out with this tool/cursor and it disappears like magic. Can’t wait to try that on some older photos.